Josquin des Pres is a lifelong music impresario. As a renowned producer, songwriter, musician, manager, studio owner and prolific author, Josquin has consistently maintained the respect of his peers throughout the music industry. His business successes over the years and his credits with some of the biggest names in the music industry make Josquin an invaluable asset to any entrepreneurial music venture. 

While growing up in France, Josquin des Pres relentlessly focused on becoming a professional musician and songwriter. Still in his teens, Josquin landed his first record deals signing first with United Artist Records and then RCA Records. After touring the world with some of the biggest acts in France and becoming one of the most sought-after session bass player in the region, Josquin moved to Southern California to take his career to the next level.

Josquin des Pres capitalized on his expertise as a session musician, and quickly became a highly requested bass player with an abundance of top-quality studio work. As he spent more time with the top recording professionals, Josquin expanded his skills to include Producing, Arranging and Songwriting. 

In the late 1980s, Josquin began a long-time collaborative writing partnership with Bernie Taupin, the legendary lyricist for Elton John. As one of the rare collaborators with Bernie Taupin, Taupin and des Pres have co-written several songs that have been covered by artists around the globe. His collaborations and numerous covers lead to publishing contracts with Warner Chappell Music, EMI Music, New Heights Entertainment, SBK Songs, and others. Throughout his career, Josquin des Pres has also produced and recorded hundreds of projects. 

In 1997, Josquin des Pres constructed and began operating one of San Diego's most successful recording studios, the internationally acclaimed Track Star Studios. Under Josquin's management, Track Star Studios has provided music production, arranging, recording, mixing, mastering and songwriting services to a clientele that ranges from the upcoming to the legendary. 

Among all of his other music ventures, Josquin also found time to author 18 books dealing with the music industry. Over the years, he has sold hundreds of thousands of copies, making him a best-selling author in his class. 

Most recently, inspired by his friend, Rap Music Mogul Jerry Heller, Josquin launched a successful line of Hip Hop Music Loops & Beats. Track Star Music Solutions  Loop & Software Libraries (Hip Hop Exotica, Neo Soul, Reggaeton, Technocore, Punk & Indie Rock, Radio Waves & EZ Beatz) have taken over the market and are used by top record producers all over the world. 

While so many people wish for, and even attempt, a career in this business, Josquin's longevity and diversity is a testament to his determined common-sense approach to the business of creating music. 

Josquin des Pres also composes music for the following TV channels and TV shows: CBS, Viacom, MTV, VH1, ABC, BET, CNN, NBC, HGTV, TBS, Bravo, Food Network, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, KPBS, TLC, CW Network, Time Warner, Universal Music, EMI, Sony, Ellen de Generes, Tyra Banks, George Lopez Show, Anderson Cooper, TMZ, Extra, American Chopper, MTV Networks.

Josquin des Pres uses D'Orazio Strings, LaBella Strings, Cavaliť Acoustic Guitars, Lounge Lizard Electric Pianos, Carvin Basses & Amps, Hipshot Tuners and Ear Bombz Hi Definition Earbuds.

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